Yoga for Kids

7 SoCal Yoga Studios Where Kids Can Get Their Zen On!

Published Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Practicing Yoga has become almost mainstream for many Southern California moms. Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and speaking from personal experience, it brings calmness sanity to my everyday life. And I pretty much want need that for my toddler as well…Calm Toddler, Calm Momma, right?  So, here’s a list of 7 kid-friendly yoga studios in Southern California where your child can not only master child's pose but a host of other fun yoga poses that will hopefully help them (and you) keep calm and carry on.

1. If I Was a Bird Yoga – A Kids & Tween Yoga Studio

San Diego, CA

Pop Star Yoga, Princess Yoga, Star Wars Yoga, American Girl Doll Yoga, Moana Yoga, or Yoga with Stuffed Animals?  Seriously, those are just some of the super fun themed yoga classes for kids at If I Was a Bird Yoga studio. Specializing in kids yoga, tween/teens, and families, the classes also always highlight a national bird. Each class is designed to take your child on an imaginative journey filled with a series of movement, dance, props, and sensory and also incorporates an educational craft. Find out more about this amazing yoga studio and all it offers here.

P.S. All the classes mirror the adult yoga schedule at CorePowerYoga, Barry’s Bootcamp classes so you have the option to drop off your kids while you get in your own workout!

2. Yoga Jai Ma

San Diego, CA

Jai Ma offers a wide variety of classes like Baby & Me Yoga, Mini & Me Yoga, and Kids Yoga, as well as workshops for you to participate in with your child. Children play and practice yoga while singing songs, exploring movement, and more. Class sizes are limited to 10 children – reserve your spot now.

3. Grace + Zen

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Grace + Zen offers unique, one-hour combo yoga/ballet classes for toddlers and children. From the opening yoga circle, to ballet, to the final 'relaxing pose' complete with lavender essential oil spray and foot rubs, your child will learn about relaxation, stress management, patience, socialization, confidence, and more. Each class explores the basics of yoga, ballet, musicality, breathing, and relaxing using props, songs, and games. Grace + Zen follows a set themed curriculum that changes each month and each class finishes with a few relaxing minutes working on Grace + Zen activity coloring books, which each member receives upon registration. Sign up for a free trial class!

4. Bala Shala Yoga for Kids

Laguna Beach, CA

At Bala Shala Kids Yoga, children are encouraged and taught yoga in a fun way. Bala Shala, meaning child’s house of learning, teaches the philosophy of Yoga through fun and engaging yoga poses, dance, games, and activities that promote strength, flexibility, and coordination. Join in the fun with your little one at Parent & Baby Yoga or Parent & Me Yoga.  If your child is between the ages of 4 – 8, they can participate in a one hour Kids Yoga class focused on developing attention span, patience, speech development, and positive social interaction with other children. Register for a class or sign up for a series of classes here.

5. Unfold Yoga

Brea, CA

If your little one is a mover and shaker, then indie boutique Unfold Yoga Studio is the place for you.  At their 1 hour Toddler & Me class, you and your mini can bust a yoga pose in this fun, relaxed class designed for the crawlers, walkers, and runners. They also just launched a kids’ yoga program for ages 4 – 7 and offer a monthly Family Yoga Class. Sign up for a class here.

6. Zooga Yoga for Kids

Culver City & Redondo Beach, CA

Zooga Yoga is a franchised Yoga Studio dedicated to babies, kids, teens, and families. It couples traditional yoga poses and elements with fun themes that include animal poses, games, and props to create YogaPlay®. With their brightly colored studio, kids can learn to roar like a lion, float like a butterfly, and swim like a dolphin all while building confidence, creativity, and imagination for whole mind and body health. Class schedules are posted online at

7. Yogi Playground

San Diego, CA

Come play and breathe with us! Through stories, games, movement, and song, classes focus on themes designed specifically for children and their creative imaginations and growing bodies. Yogi Playground is one of my favorite yoga class for my toddler. I began taking my daughter to Yogi Beth Guerette’s classes when she was just a little over a year. What’s cool is that the classes are held twice a month at different libraries in the San Diego area – so they are free! Yogi Playground is truly interactive in every sense and I love how Beth has a new story every week that goes along with the yoga poses. She also teaches at private preschools in North County, San Diego. You can check out the Winter 2017 schedule here.

Your little yogi can slow down and get their zen on at these 7 kid-friendly yoga studios in Southern California.