Kids Hour at Apple Store

Beat the Last Few Days of Summer Boredom By Trying Kids Hour at Your Apple Store!

Published Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Back to school just around the corner and you’ve already done everything on your list to keeps your kids busy and entertained for the summer. Your dreading hearing “I’m bored”, “There’s nothing to do” every five minutes for the next few weeks before school starts. Why not check out the Kids Hours programs at your local Apple store?

These hour-long tutorials geared for kids ages 6 to 12 years old are FREE and are designed to spark imagination and creativity. From coding, storytelling, illustration, movie making, music, and more, these class are sure to beat those summer boredom blues. You don’t even have to have an iPad since Apple provides all the gadgets and materials for the classes.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s being offered:


Sphero Maze Challenge

Got a future tech geek in your house? Then the Sphero Maze Challenge is right up their alley. Kids will explore coding with Sphero robots by programming simple movements, loops, and more. Then they’ll design a maze and navigate their robot through obstacles. Apple will even provide your kid with their own Sphero Sprk+ robot.

Creating a Music with GarageBand

Got an aspiring musician? This Kids Hour celebrates music by teaching kids how to create exciting tunes and beats using GarageBand on iPad. First, they’ll cover rhythm basics, and kids will get to hands-on with creating their own drum beats. Then, kids will learn how to use Live Loops to make their very own rock, hip hop, or EMD track.

Making Movies Together

Does your child love watching movies? Why not reverse the role and put them in them behind the scenes? This Kids Hour is dedicated to exploring creativity through movie making. Kids will start by applying brainstorming skills to come up with creative ideas, then practice basic camera techniques and shoot footage using iPad Pro. They’ll finish by creating a professional movie trailer with iMovie.

Draw Your Own Character

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Try Apple Kids Hour Draw You Own Character session. Kids will explore how to sketch, color, and design their own characters based on the world of Monument Valley 2. They’ll start with drawing basics and work on storytelling skills, like storyboarding and developing character.

What’s great about Apple’s Kids Hour courses is that they are taught by creative professionals and kids will have so much fun with all the technology that they won’t even realize they are learning skills that can use in everyday life. Not only will these classes enhance your child’s critical thinking skills, but they’ll provide them with tools to be creative in their upcoming school year projects. All while you get to go shopping around the Apple store by yourself for an hour or so.

To see a schedule of Kids Hour sessions near you, visit the Today at Apple website and click on the Kids & Parents button. And remember to sign up soon because sessions fill quickly and will end soon!

Got a few days left before it's back to school? Avoid hearing "I'm bored" from your kiddos every five minutes by checking out the Kids Hours programs at your local Apple store.