National Coloring Book Day

Bust Out Your Crayons – It’s National Coloring Book Day!

Published Monday, July 31st, 2017

When I was little and had a cold and was resigned to staying in bed, my dad would always buy me a new coloring book and a brand-new box of crayons so that I would have something to do. And to this day, I still love coloring books. No, not the new, trendy adult ones that are all the rage right now, but the ones from my youth that you got at the corner drugstore or grocery store.

Now, coloring is something I enjoy doing side by side with my toddler. There is something so calming and just down-right fun to spend a few minutes a day coloring with my daughter. It gives me a break from writing, my cell phone, and social media where I can disconnect and bond quietly and creatively with my little one.

Truth be told, whenever I’m out running errands to the grocery store, Target, or dollar store, I almost always pick up a coloring book. And we have amassed quite the collection. Coloring is really is my go to activity time with my daughter. I believe coloring with my daughter encourages her creativity and self-expression, as I’m sure it also helps to develop her fine motor skills. 

So, in honor of National Coloring Book Day, coming up on August 2, I thought I’d share some of our favorite coloring books.

1. My First Book of Coloring

Geared for toddlers, My First Book of Coloring series has fun educational themes, like Animals, Fruits & Vegetables, Splish Splash, Vroom Vroom, and more. So not only do your littles ones get to have fun coloring all the, but they are learning at the same time. Colored border and examples in full color also help your kids choose the colors they need to complete the picture. And, many of these books also come with big stickers for a colorful creative learning activity.

2. Day at the Zoo Adventure Coloring Book

More than 20 big illustrations in the Day at the Zoo Adventure Coloring Book depict highlights from an exciting day at the zoo, showcasing animals from all around the world. Kids (and parents too) can add color to the images of cheetahs, camels, hippos, lizards, bears, and other exotic creatures portrayed in recreations of their natural habitats.

3. The Calm Coloring Book for Creative Kids

Filled with imaginative and inspiring coloring in activities, The Calm Coloring Book for Creative Kids encourages creativity and helps to develop concentration. Calming themes include seaside, animals, flowers and trees, birds, rainbows and butterflies, making it the perfect coloring book for children (and their parents) to unwind.

4. Disney Princess Jumbo Coloring Book

This 320-page Disney Princess Jumbo Coloring Book is one of my daughter’s favorite. She loves coloring Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. It also comes with over forty stickers she can use to further decorate her favorite princesses as well as a code for a free digital storybook.

5. Miniature Coloring Books

These compact coloring books are great when I need a quick way to divert an oncoming tantrum in the car or while running errands. In fact, these miniature coloring books easily fit into your purse and are pure simple, everyday fun.

6. Crayola Giant Coloring Pages

These Crayola Giant Coloring Pages come in all sorts of themes – from Disney’s Moana and Cars, to Barbie and Doc McStuffins, and more – providing hours of oversized fun for you and your budding artist. Plus, they are fun to display on walls and refrigerators since they are so big.

7. Melissa and Doug Googly Eyes Coloring Pads

My daughter thinks this Googly Eyes coloring book by Melissa & Doug is hilarious. She loves coloring all the goofy faces and then adding the wiggly, wacky, googly eyes to make it even more silly. It even comes with extra eyes to cut out, color in, and tape to their artwork.

In addition to these coloring books, there’s even some great apps that you can download for free if you prefer. We like the Pony Princess Kids Coloring App by Irina Schens. And you definitely can’t go wrong with the very affordable coloring books from the Dollar Tree.

So, tell me, do you love coloring with your kiddos? If so, go out and get a brand-new box of crayons and a coloring book of you and your little one’s choice and celebrate National Coloring Book Day!

In honor of National Coloring Book day on August 2, I thought I’d share some of my toddler's favorite coloring books.