Superhero Storytime at Barnes & Noble

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superhero Story Time at Barnes & Noble!

Published Saturday, July 29th, 2017

If your youngster is anything like mine, they are obsessed with superheroes! So when I learned that Barnes & Noble was hosting a Saturday morning filled with stories about our favorite heroic characters doing everyday things, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take my little one to this fun-filled event.

Morphing into a Superhero

Of course, that meant, my little one needed to play the part. So, while I contemplated actually buying her a full-on Super Girl costume, I actually opted in the long run to have her wear an old Elmo Super Hero cape we bought at Sea World San Diego earlier this year.

On their website Barnes & Noble encouraged kids to come dress as their favorite superhero or villain, but I remembered that at an earlier Beauty and the Beast storytime at Barnes & Noble, little M was the only one in costume, so I figured this event would be the same.

Superhero Story Time Day Arrives!

Making our way to the children’s section, we met our storytime host – none other than Wonder Woman herself! Wonder Woman read us stories about Batman’s bedtime adventures, Superman’s morning routine, and even told us about her own fears at school!

Starting with Bedtime for Batman, we learned that even Batman has to sleep sometimes. With illustrations reminiscent of the original DC comic, we followed along as a little boy prepared for bed by fantasizing about bounding in the footsteps of his hero. Donning Batman pajamas, he imagines each of his nightly rituals paralleling the adventures of the Caped Crusader.

First, he has to clean things up (in the bathroom) just as Batman does (in a dark sewer). He must lock things away (his toys) just as Batman does (the villains). There are those who depend on him (a hungry goldfish) just as there are those who depend on Batman (the citizens of Gotham). Complete with a bedtime routine checklist at the end, this book is great if your little superhero has a hard time getting to bed.

Next, Wonder Woman read Good Morning, Superman!. A companion to Bedtime for Batman, this story follows a young superman as he prepares for his day, faster than a speeding bullet. No matter what fears need conquering – including toothpaste the same color as Kryptonite! This superhero children’s story also included a morning routine checklist for your little one to follow during their a.m. adventures.

Then it was Wonder Woman’s turn to read her own story about how she tackles her day head-on as an elementary school student. In Be A Star, Wonder Woman! we listened on as Wonder Woman told us how she uses her special strengths, like sharing, to overcome her fears and obstacles, like a weekly spelling test and the playground. With courage, kindness, and other heroic traits of DC Comic’s Wonder Woman, she turns a difficult school day into an amazing adventure!

The hour ended with an arts and craft activities where we made a special superhero crown and had a blast coloring Batman!

Little M is still talking about going to the special Superhero storytime and we are looking forward to more Barnes & Noble storytime events! To learn more about these different superhero stories by beloved children's author Michael Dahl or to find storytimes and more at a Barnes & Noble near you, click here!

Superhero Storytime at Barnes & Noble
Superhero Storytime at Barnes & Noble
Superhero Storytime at Barnes & Noble
Superhero Storytime at Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble hosted a children's special superhero storytime featuring our favorite heroic characters doing everyday things.